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At VENUS we handle numerous chemistries and manufacture products for a wide spectrum of industries. Ester is one of the Products segregated by chemistry


Esters are manufactured by the process of esterification in which the condensation reaction takes place between an alcohol & an acid. Volatile esters such as phenyl ethyl acetate, benzyl propionate iso amyl acetate etc. often have a smell & are used in perfumes & essential oils. We offer broad range of esters which are used in various industries like textile, oil, perfumery etc.
    We manufacture Esters according to our customers' specifications :
    • Polyethylene Glycol Oleates
    • Polyethylene Glycol Stearates
    • Polypropylene Glycol Oleates
    • Polypropylene Glycol Stearates
    • Glycerol Oleates
    • Glycerol Stearates
    • Butyl Stearate
    • Butyl Oleate
    • 2 Ethyl Hexyl Oleate
    • 2 Ethyl Hexyl Stearate
    • 2 Ethyl Hexyl Acetate
    • Octyl Salicylate
    • Trimethylol Propane Oleates.
    • Ethoxylated Alkyl Phenol Phosphate Esters.
    • Ethoxylated Fatty Alcohols Phosphate Esters.
    • Ethoxylated Synthetic Alcohols Phosphate Esters.
    • Alcohol (2 EHA, IPA, Butanol) Phosphate Esters.