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GIP 7425

PRODUCT GIP 7425 is a highly efficient detergent, washing & wetting agent for use in soaking, bating and wetting back process.

Appearance : Clear, colourless liquid
Chemical Character : Non-ionic modified polyglycol ether.
pH (10% soln.) : 7.5  0.5
Solid content : 25  1%
Dilutability : Freely dilutable with water
Stable to : Acid (good in weak acids), Alkali, hard water & salt


• It is an excellent fat stabilizing cum wet-blue cleaning agent.
• It has powerful dispersing effect on the scud and natural fats.
• When used in main fatliquoring, it improves dispersion of fat very effectively. Also the undesirable precipitation of fatliquor is avoided by its usage. This leads to improvement in overall softness.
• It also improves tensile strength of leather when used in pickling before addition of acid.
• Its usage improves the wetting back of dried wet-blue considerably.
• It speeds up the soaking process with an appreciable increase in cleanliness of the skins.
• Its usage does not impair the action of enzyme bates.


It can be used in various stages of processing like, soaking, liming, pickling, degreasing, wetting back and fatliquoring.

In soaking and liming

0.5 - 3% (on wet salted raw wt.)

In the bate

0.2 - 2% (on pelt wt.)

Wetting back

0.5 - 1.0% for wetting back of shaved wet-blue hides & skins
1.0 - 3.0% for dried wet-blue (on dried wt.)


Minimum 06 months if stored in dry & cool place in closed container under normal conditions.