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VENDIGRIS EWP is high performance and eco-friendly degreasing, soaking, liming and deliming agent. It is very effective degreasing agent for all types of leathers and fur skins. It is universal in its application as it can be used in all stages of leather and fur processing.

CHEMICAL NATURE : Fatty alcohol alkoxylate

Appearance : Colourless, clear to slightly hazy liquid
% Active content : Ca. 100
Solubility : Miscible with water in all proportions
pH of 10% solution : Ca. 7
Ionic Nature : Non-ionic


• Free of APEO
• Free of solvent
• Best degreasing and good soaking effect
• Low foaming
• Offers uniform and bright dyeing performance
• Its performance is unaffected by pH. It shows high emulsion stability at any pH.
• Low viscosity
• Extremely low dosage required.
• Facilitates waterproofing
• Readily biodegradable & very much eco-friendly due to its low dosage.


Its special areas of application are :

• Degreasing
• Soaking & liming
• Wetting back
• Washing of fur skins


Minimum 12 months if stored in dry & cool place in closed container under normal conditions.