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VENTAN VPF is a retanning agent with very good filling and softening properties.

Appearance : Brown to dark brown turbid liquid
Chemical character : Based on modified protein
pH : 7  0.5
Solid content : 50  2%
Solubility : Miscible in water
Stability : Good stability to solutions of salt, hard water & veg. tannins


• It has selective filling action that ensures uniform filling to the leather and also gives very good softness to leather.
• It increases the elasticity of the grain, does not impair tensile strength.
• Due to good filling properties in loose areas of leather, it helps in achieving uniform milling effect for production of dry milled leathers.
• It imparts roundness and pleasing handle to leather.


It is particularly suitable for retannage of,

nappa and cow softy leather,
dry milled leather,
soft aniline bulf calf,
sheep nappa leather,
glazed kid &
suede splits for clothing.

Recommended dosage varies from 4 - 6% (on shaved wt.)


Minimum 06 months if stored in dry & cool place in closed container under normal conditions.